SolAfrica is a project financing and monitoring platform for rural and urban electrification in Africa


Our Mission

Our mission is to make renewable energy accessible for all. We understand that affordable, clean, reliable solar energy improves education, health, employment and environmental outcomes. As a for profit corporation we recognize that responsible business is the best model to maximise and scale the impact of energy access. Our products meet USA standards and they all come with a warranty.

Our solutions are adapted for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our focus is light up Africa in a sustainable long lasting way.

Africa’s human capital is an untapped resource worldwide. By bringing reliable electrification to the continent, we will contribute to the global growth giving all africans a way to contribute and influence the conversation.
— Getty Kasole, SolAfrica Founder

How we plan on achieve this

  • By providing microgrids solutions, we allow access to energy to areas suffering from a faulty or non-existent electrical network. It is a cheaper and more reliable alternative to centralized power grids.

  • By providing renewable solar solutions, our systems help customers reduce their green house emission. We essentially replace the use of diesel generators and kerosene lamps.

  • By making our systems affordably via financing, we save our customers money and empower their business. Our customers’s income increases as they are able to keep their shops open later or use night hours for other streams of income.

  • By hiring local talents, we are creating jobs and growing the spending power of the local force.

  • By collecting payments via mobile money, we are able to provide service to all, and not just customers with bank accounts. This makes our services available to the entire continent and not just the 34% with financial accounts.

  • By designing systems that are built to last, we are forging long-term relationships with our customers as their energy provider. We offer robust, long-lasting systems to ensure our customer’s investments continue to provide power even in the harshest conditions.